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Celebrating the ocean

It was a meal fit for kings our dinner last night. We eat like this just once a year, and it is so worth waiting for, believe me. The best of the best and the freshest of the fresh – pan-fried mackerel, home-smoked mackerel, freshly caught and cooked lobster and crab, new potatoes, home-grown veg, homemade mayonnaise. Good clean, simple tastes that work really well when combined. So healthy and wholesome.

During a recent bout of homesickness, I ordered a fish platter at an up-market restaurant in Switzerland because it included mackerel. Sadly, it turned out to be the only piece of fish I couldn’t eat. Having travelled hundreds of miles from where it was caught, it tasted … well, ‘old’. It was basically inedible. Such a disappointment.

So you can imagine my excitement about our trip back home this summer, where we could finally enjoy the best mackerel in the world. Not only that, we get to fish them ourselves.

I have no recipe for you today. (We’re returning to Switzerland in a few days, so will post a recipe soon after getting back.) Instead, here is a series of impressions celebrating the bounty of the ocean.

Lyon, waves
Lobster, blue
Lobster, red
Unsmoked mackerel
Mackerel fillets


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